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    A global leading system solution provider in miniature precision manufacturing
    Devoted to becoming a world-level miniature precision manufacturing enterprise.
    A global leading system solution provider in miniature precision manufacturing
    Dedicated to becoming a world-class fine micro-manufacturing enterprise
    Have a dedicated team with leading technologies, advanced equipments and professional services
    Won unanimous praise from clients of miniature manufacturing markets all over the world
    Looking forward to the future, UIGreen will continue to be oriented by miniature technology
    Devoted to becoming a leader in the industry of miniature technology

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    Application Area
    Our products are widely applied in areas such as semiconductor testing, intelligent consumer electronics, new energy automobile, medical apparatus and industrial automation.
    Semiconductor testing
    Intelligent consumer electronics
    New energy automobile
    Medical apparatus
    Industrial automation
    About Us
    A global expert on miniature precision manufacturing solutions

    Founded in June 2012, Suzhou UIGreen Science and Technology Co., Ltd (stock code: 688661) is a national high-tech enterprise devoted to miniature precision manufacturing. Our products are widely applied in many advanced manufacturing areas such as MEMS miniature precision manufacturing, semiconductor chip testing, new energy automobile and medical apparatus. Through continuous investment and exploration in the field of miniature precision manufacturing technology, the company has accumulated many core technology and product patents, and passed IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14001,   ISO45001 and other quality system certifications.

    • 688661Scientific board

      Stock code

    • 8000million yuan

      Registered capital

    • 50000

      Floor area

    • 2012year

      Founded in

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